Blog Niche Quiz Tips: + What Kind of Blog Should You Start?

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Why do you need a blog niche quiz? And what does it really accomplish?

Many blog writers struggle with finding their sweet spot online. Knowing how to write is not enough.

The biggest obstacle that most bloggers face is the question:  What is my niche?

 This blog post will help you uncover your niche with the help of six exploratory considerations.  Ask yourself how each topic clarifies your concerns about finding a blog niche.

Before we go any further, let’s define a blog niche quiz (and see why there is no link asking for all kinds of personal data before you receive access).

What is a blog niche quiz?

A blog niche quiz is a tool, electronic or written, that provides questions, concepts, and ideas designed to guide you towards defining a specific writing niche. The blog niche quiz combines elements of personality, life history, and future desires to identify the perfect blog niche.

Discern Which Niche is Best for Blogging

blog niche quiz discern niche

Bloggers slog through hundreds of articles to develop a blog niche list. Our blog niche quiz draws the options down to a manageable number. 

Face the facts. Your blogosphere is a massive place. You cannot reach everyone. Your goal — identify one blog niche. Use a razor-sharp focus to hone in on the most profitable group.

Our “what should I blog about quiz” narrows your focus and opens a world of opportunities.

  • What do you know and like to write? Finance? Relationships? Marketing? “Stay in your lane” with targeted and engaging writing. In other words, stick to what you know. Mind your own business.
  • Is your audience large enough to be profitable? A blog serving ‘Octogenarian Vegans’ is too small to benefit your efforts. Find a group large enough to engage with confidence.
  • Do you want to be a trailblazer? Or will you follow in the well-worn footsteps of another? Find a niche where others are well-established.

Internalize these seed thoughts and explore your blog niche ideas more fully. Where do you find the blog niche ideas to attract and retain your target audience?

Brainstorm Blog Niche Ideas — Conduct Deep Research

blog niche quiz brainstorm ideas

You have insightful blog niche ideas, but what deep needs do they address? What is your purpose? How will you capture and sustain your reader’s attention? 

 Please take the time to see what others are writing. Invest in your audience. Become a student of your blog niche.

  • Invest in tools such as BuzzSumo, Ahrefs, or Feedly to find top-rated niche-related content. Online research tools provide depth.
  • Study niche competitors. Use a content gap analysis and reveal opportunities that only you can meet.
  • Keep current and craft a strategy for positioning yourself at the head of the pack. You can never know too much. You can never back off and slow down!

But is excellent content good enough? Most likely not. Let’s look at how your writing can touch a chord with your readers.

Promote Active Reading Via Your Blog Persona

Blog Niche Quiz Target Audience

Our blog niche quiz destroys your preconceived notions and solidifies your purpose and direction. It clarifies your self-perceptions as a blog post writer. 

Now you can zero in with incisive and focused writing. Want to impress your niche? Produce consistent and memorable blog post articles.

  • Write memorable headings and subheadings. Lay them out like pearls in a necklace, interlinked, and leading your audience from one thought to another.
  • Get inside your audience’s head and have them asking — “how did he/she know what I was thinking?” Keep them guessing.
  • Empathize with them. Make your readers know that you understand and care. Please give them a desire to read and a reason to respond immediately!
  • Make their next step crystal-clear. Outline a powerful and compelling call to action. Design an activity that is dynamic and completely irresistible.

Your writing is sparkling. You possess intimate knowledge of your blog niche and its topical preferences. 

Now, focus for a minute on you. A blogger personality quiz might reveal impressive leadership qualities. Your blog post niche nurtures both you and your readers.

Nurture Your Inner Leader

blog niche quiz leadership


“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

What knowledge can you gain from this quote? Within your blog niche, you must be the recognized thought leader. Your blog niche ideas spring from intensive time, study, and contemplation. An excellent leader and teacher are reliable and constant.

Your blog niche ideas, to have value, must share three qualities:

  • Consistent Content — Don’t get off track with the shiny, attractive topics. They are lovely to look at but don’t reflect your niche’s interests.
  • Consistent Message — What are you trying to teach your audience? Don’t stray from that theme. Your tribe must trust you to be steady. Always.
  • Consistent Schedule — Let your audience know how often they should expect your posts. Anticipation is great, but give them something to anticipate. Make them want more.

Have you cleared the path of obstacles? By now, your readers should be anxious for more light along the pathway. Now is the time to reveal your next step for the journey.

Blog Niche Leaders Provide Growth Opportunities

blog niche quiz growth opportunities

So, what will it take to move your audience from ‘looker’ to ‘raving fan?’ Do you hope to educate, enlighten, or illuminate? 

But knowledge without action is wasted. You devoted extraordinary time to developing your blog niche ideas. Lifelong impact requires that your blog niche readers take decisive action. How can you persuade them to move forward?

Your blog niche intuitively desires a clear call to action. Without it, readers will file away your data and move on to the next blog post.

So, what action will you suggest to your blog niche? Now is the time to get creative.

Try to simplify any offers. Many searchers will find a bribe to be attractive. Provide something valuable — perhaps a PDF or electronic book. You pitch an online class or coaching session. Your invitation must move blog niche readers to higher levels of knowledge and experience.

A Blog Niche Quiz Enhance Successful Outcomes 

blog niche quiz successful outcomes

You have a plan for success. Pull all of these pieces together and supercharge your future as a blogger.

What is YOUR outcome for writing? Do you want to be known as an SME (subject matter expert)? Or is your goal recognition as the ‘go-to’ person in your niche?

Many bloggers want to monetize their writing. Why not YOUR blog? How will you do that? There are many ways you can monetize. And you don’t need to sacrifice ethics, honesty, or transparency.

Your strategy may include Social Media — LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. Decide how one or more of these platforms can work for YOU!

Invest in yourself and your business. Invest your time AND your money. Find innovators to teach you essential skills and strategies. Master skills to optimize these various platforms.

And please remember to keep your content current and lively. Each platform has optimal posting schedules and frequencies of posting. Please strive for consistency.

Are You Ready to Change Your Outcomes? Grab Victory With the Blog Niche Quiz

Maybe you heard the story. One man walks up to another man who is repeatedly hitting his head against a wall. The first man says, “Why are you doing that?” and the second man says, “Because it feels so good when I stop.” — Dave Jacobs.

Grab a piece of paper and test drive the ‘is blogging for me quiz’ considerations. It couldn’t be easier!

You will uncover your blog niche. Then compile an exhaustive list of blog niche ideas. Finally, fill out your content editorial calendar.  

Take your first small step and write a targeted blog post article for your niche.

Your dream lies before you! Run with it. And get started today!

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